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Ancient Rathian
English Name: Ancient Rathian
Nicknames: Unknown, Black Rathian
Titles: Black Wyvern
Japanese Name: リオレイア古生種
Chinese Name: -
Korean Name: N/A
Romaji: Rioreia inishie-sei-shu
Japanese Title: 飛竜の黒
Type of Monster: Flying Wyvern
Size:  ?
Signature Moves: 360 Fireball
Monster Icon: -
Description: -
Other information
Element: Fire
Secondary Status'
1)Defense Down


Weakest to: Nothing
Weakness sign: Limping
Habitats: Desert,Gorge,Jungle,Forest and Hills,Great Forest
Other monster in relation: Rathian,Pink Rathian,Gold Rathian
First U.S. Appearance: MHFO season Foward 1
First Japanese Appearance: MHFO season Foward 1
Generation: Frontier

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