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English Name: Gendrome
Nicknames: None
Titles: None
Japanese Name: ドスゲネポス
Chinese Name: -
Korean Name: 도 스게네포스
Romaji: Dosugeneposu
Japanese Title: -
Type of Monster: Bird Wyvern
Size: 651.6~959.1
Signature Moves: None
Monster Icon: -
Description: -
Other information
Element: None
Secondary Status'
Weakest to: Water,Ice
Weakness sign: Flee to another area
Habitats: Desert,Swamp
Other monster in relation: Genprey
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter
Generation: 1


Statistics Edit

General Information and Item Effectiveness Edit

# of Carves 2x Body
Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb ×
Pitfall Trap ×
Shock Trap
Meat ×
Roar -
Wind -
Quake -

Health and Attack Edit

  Health Attack Multiplier Defense Multiplier
Lower Tier 1049~1349 1.10~1.15 0.90~0.95
Upper Tier 2099~2550 1.50~1.80 0.70~0.75
Variants 3000  ?  ?

Damage Type / Elemental Weaknesses Edit

Lower Tier, Upper Tier, HR100+, TrainingEdit

Area Slashing Blunt Projectile Fire Water Lightning Dragon Ice Faint Stagger
Body 90 90 90 35 10 40 10 50 100 90


Area Slashing Blunt Projectile Fire Water Lightning Dragon Ice Faint Stagger
Body 25 20 25 -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 100 90

Status Effect Resistances Edit

Status Effect Initial Threshold Increment Maximum Duration Damage Taken
Poison 100 50 300 60s 10dmg/5s
Paralysis 200 50 400 5s -
Sleep 70 15 130 30s -
Faint 200 50 400 5s -

Break/Shiny Drops Edit

Break Location Requirements
None --

Drop Rates Edit

Habits Edit

Attacks Edit

attack 1 Edit

Migration Patterns Edit

zone1 Edit

Strategies Edit

strat 1 Edit

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