Water dragon scales Stack 480 99 04 asking price scales Ganototosu rare HR 1 Description dull azure glow. Nature is brittle and lose moisture. Click to view the day and night to obtain MAP Taken down during the warm season
White: Red collection: mining Yellow: Blue insect net: Fishing Cold Weather
Breeding season
Top Warm Period
Cold Weather
Breeding season
Warm Period getter
Cold Weather
Breeding season
Quest Desert lower fees: the breeding season: HR15 «Hunters: The breeding season» Basic earnings underground lake water dragon <fixed> 1 (24%) Desert: breeding: HR15 «Hunters: The breeding season» A sub-underground lake water dragon one reward achievement (71%) Jungle: Warm Period / Day: HR17 «Hantazukuesuto» Basic earnings hero <final> 1 (23%) Jungle: Warm Period / Day: HR17 «Hantazukuesuto» Basic pay and one half-baked way to the Fisherman (23%) Desert: breeding / Day: HR1 «Team Quest game» Today, Fish! ! The two basic compensation (23%) Jungle: Warm Period / Day: HR17 «Nettokafekuesuto» basic pay and two arms Rubino seventh win (20%) Top jungle: Warm Period: HR31 «Hunters: Warm Period» A good catch one sub reward achievement (32%) Jungle: Warm Period / Day: HR51 «Hantazukuesuto» dance one dance of the dragon in base pay crabs and fish (10%) Desert: breeding / Day: HR61 «Hantazukuesuto» reward one basic water dragon and the secret memo (46%) Desert: breeding / Night: HR31 «Frontier Quest» demons around! The two flexible basic pay ichthyosaur (15%) Live wire

Monster And stripped Capture 22% lower one lost property Plesioth 1 67% body Plesioth Plesioth capture 27% pay two Plesioth destruction site: fin 1 08% Plesioth capture the top two pay 10% Fracture site Plesioth: 5% 1 fillet

Live wire Store sales Takashi Mori grandfather and other preparation: Extract and replace running crazy. "Totteoki" high probability Grandpa Marsh: Mysterious Bird crustaceans and exchange "Totteoki" high probability
If you want to use the weapons and armor ← Click (is a little heavy.) Use Production of weapon type weapon name

Name of Armor LV site Other applications P contribution formula: a hard shell of a dragon and angle 2 6 101P created two pieces on the fins and then mixing with water dragon Grandpa Marsh: a bird's wing keel or film can be replaced - and mysterious - in

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