Azure Hypnoc

The Azure Hypnocatrice is a color-swap of the Hypnocatrice. It debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier alongside the Akura Vashimu, and is thus far exclusive. The Azure Hypnocatrice is stronger than its other two counterparts, with a different moveset. To fight this rare species of Hypnocatrice, you need a new helmet called a "Victory Cat", gained by winning the Hunter's Festival.

It is only found in one area, high above the Great Forest. No other monsters are ever seen there.

Statistics Edit

General Information and Item Effectiveness Edit

# of Carves 3x Body
Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb ×
Pitfall Trap
Shock Trap
Meat ×
Roar -
Wind Large
Quake -

Health and Attack Edit

  Health Attack Multiplier Defense Multiplier
Lower Tier 1800~8399 1.0~1.8 1.0~0.6
Upper Tier 9000 2.2~2.65 0.6~0.5

Damage Type / Elemental Weaknesses Edit

Lower Tier, Upper Tier, HR100+, TrainingEdit

Area Slashing Blunt Projectile Fire Water Lightning Dragon Ice Faint Stagger
Head 40 35 30 5 0 0 0 15 100 200
Neck 50 30 15 10 5 0 0 10 0 150
Back 55 15 40 5 0 0 0 15 0 200
Stomach 55 30 30 5 5 5 0 25 0 200
Tail 35 20 50 5 0 0 0 10 0 200
Wings 25 15 25 10 5 0 0 15 0 250
Legs 25 15 30 5 0 0 0 5 0 450

Status Effect Resistances Edit

Status Effect Initial Threshold Increment Maximum Duration Damage Taken
Poison 300 100 700 60s 20dmg/5s
Paralysis 150 75 450 10s -
Sleep 300 100 700 30s -
Faint 150 75 450 10s -

Break/Shiny Drops Edit

Break Location Requirements
Beak Stagger the head x2
Shiny Chance to drop shiny when interrupted while drinking water.

Drop Rates Edit

Habits Edit

Attacks Edit

The Silver/Azure Hypnoc retains many of it's regular counterpart along with new and deadly added moves

  • Flying Stomp/ Earthquake: The Hypnoc will fly up high in the air, and slowly fly towards a player. At a certain point, the Hypnoc will crash down creating a massive earthquake, or Alternatively, he may stomp on the ground and activate the earthquake that way. These may be followed by a Chicken run, or possible the Slide Crash after the Flying Stomp portion.
    • Chicken Run: Hypnoc will run around in a couple of circles, widening the arc and then coming back to the starting point.
    • Slide Crash: After the Hypnoc tries to stomp, it may lose footing and slide towards a player, dealing massive damage in the process.
  • 3 Point Sidestep Peck: The Hypnoc will sidestep towards a side then sidestep back, then going forward and initiate his peck attack.

Migration Patterns Edit

zone1 Edit

Strategies Edit

This thing is a weak POS when it's hit with stun weapons. Try to bring stun weapons when hunting with a group. Another good thing to have is Evade +1 or 2.

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