English Name: Raviente
Nicknames: Ravi


Titles: Great Crag Dragon
Japanese Name: ラヴィエンテ
Chinese Name: (?)
Korean Name: 라비엔테
Romaji: Raviente
Japanese Title: 大巌竜
Type of Monster: Elder Dragon
Size: Extremely Large
Signature Moves: Giant Fire Ball
Monster Icon: {{{descimage}}}
Description: {{{description}}}
Other information
Element: Fire
Secondary Status'
Comfiusion/Paralysis Status effects and elements
Weakest to: Dragon
Weakness sign: (?)
Habitats: Geyser Island
Other monster in relation: Raviente Subspecies
First U.S. Appearance: N/A
First Japanese Appearance: 40px7
Generation: Frontier
Raviente is a large, subterranian Elder Dragon. It is so large that the standard hunting groups of 4 are insufficient, and so each fight is handled by at least 16 hunters.

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